Toews starts a charity to raise funds for community kitchens

Toews, putting his love of gardening to awesome use

Toews is a nerd about many things. One of these things is the food. It makes sense for him, though; he was the top-performing athlete, so he really needs to take care of your body and what he puts into it a large part of it.

So it is, of course, gardens.

What is really surprising about that, though, he took his love of gardening and applied it to the kitchen community, a group that works to bring gardening to children in schools and teach them exactly the kind of thing Jonathan Toews Jersey is a nerd.

It sounds like a perfect fit, so, of course, have a charitable aspect to it.

It sounds like a truly amazing charity, one beautifully sculpted his interests; the prize is pretty cool, too. Good on foot Toews is one away!