Jonathan Toews is rooting for the Chicago Cubs to break the curse

jonathan toews watch chicago cubs game

Congratulations to Chicago cubs win 2016 world series championship !

The Chicago Cubs are trying to win their first World Series championship in 108 years, so they need all the luck they can get. May have won the Stanley Cup three times as captain on their part will help a little.

Jonathan Toews Jersey knows a little something about coming through in a game, is not it? Maybe he attended the game to bless Wrigley Field as the shaman whispered tournament. Or maybe he just wants to catch a game and a couple brews before he spent the next eight months to grind.

Either way, the only thing missing is the Stanley Cup.

The Cubs beat the San Francisco Giants, 1-0, on Friday night thanks to a solo bomb from Javier Baez in the eighth inning, so the presence of Toews' CLEAR aid. If no dang hockey season soon, I might suggest he continued to attend the game as a good luck charm.

Oh well, work that may need to go to the opposite Bill Murray.